The Lizard Whisperer: A girl and her very special gift

The relationship went sour at the altar. Both the bride and groom knew it, but the groom wanted to go through with the wedding. Surely they could make it work!

The bride had other ideas, though. She was suffocating. Her poofy white dress felt like plastic, probably because it was. She couldn’t do it, marry this coldblooded man she didn’t love. She bolted.

The groom followed after her, leaping into his big, black Mercedes to chase her down. But she was getting away! He sped up, frenzied now, and did the one thing sure to stop her. Thump!

Palm Beacher Lily Capehart wins national photography award

Lily Capehart

Palm Beacher Lily Capehart wins national photography award

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lily Capehart of Palm Beach has become an accomplished photographer by age 13, winning a national award.

Her photography teacher at [OMITTED], where Lily is a seventh-grade communications major, submitted Lily's photo of a baby elephant, shot last summer in the Serengeti, to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Lily won a Regional Gold Key Award and a National Silver Award for the photo.


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