Lizard Puzzle

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Today in Lizard-ville

  • Becky the leopard gecko

    Becky the leopard gecko was spotted in Hideaway Cove and returned home safely ...

  • Spike, The Bearded Dragon

    Spike "The Bearded Dragon" is injured at the barbershop getting trimmed ...

  • Traffic

    Traffic on Alligator Alley is backed up for miles

  • Congressman Chameleon

    Congressman Chameleon is changing his colors again ...

  • Senator Salamander

    Senator Salamander is scheduled to visit Lizard-ville Museum of People ...

  • In fashion

    In fashion, Lily Capehart offers head to tail advice ...

  • Carl

    Carl, the frill-necked lizard, sprinted to 1st place in the Olympics ...

  • Wayne, the Newt

    Wayne, the Newt, will be performing for 1 night only at the Leopard Gecko Lounge ...

  • Water Basilisk

    Water Basilisk "Wally" in training to cross the Atlantic Ocean ...

Curly Tails

The courting and dance of two Northeastern curly tail lizards.

Fun Facts

  • Do You Know?

    If you dilute Listerine in a spray bottle that it works as a mosquito repellent?

  • Did You Know?

    Vinegar and water in a spray bottle is the best cleaning product, especially windows.

    Even better when wiped with newspaper.

    Excellent to clean glass terrariums and bird cages too.

  • C. A. R. E.

    • C onservation
    • A wareness
    • R esponsible
    • E nvironment
  • Can't Keep Your Pets?

    Own  a snake, reptile or exotic animal and need to give it up for whatever reason?

    It's important not to let them go into the wild if it is not native to your area.  Here is a list of some places you can contact ...


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