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"The Lizard Whisperer"

Since she could walk, Lily was fascinated with the wild lizards found in South Florida and would always be found holding one in her hand. At the age of 10, Lily, an avid watcher of Animal Planet, saw a woman make an alligator "relax" by having it's belly rubbed and decided to try it on the lizards "as they are related" ... and it worked!

Lily happened to have doll clothes that fit perfectly and then began creating whimsical scenes which were then photographed by her father Lucien Capehart, a professional photographer. The wonderful world of "Lizard-Ville" was born. Lily, with help from her mom, has turned "Lizard-ville"" into a line of greeting cards, t-shirts, eco tote bags and calendars. A children’s book is in the works.

As Lily is quick to note,

All these lizards were handled with love and respect and in no way were they harmed in any way, shape or form ...
Lily - 2005.

Lily is now doing special appearances in raising awareness has taken her interest in animals and nature to help raise animal awareness through personal appearances.

We believe it's important to give back and we do so by supporting many charities. Check out "About the Company" for the various charities we have contributed to.

The Lizard Whisperer

Lily Capehart

Lily Capehart

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Wildlife and Causes

Lily's favourite wildlife sites and causes.

Lizard Research

Lily's Lizard Research

Favorite Books

Lily's Favorite Books

  • Eyewitness: Reptile
    Reptile by Dorling Kindersley publisher Eyewitness Books
  • Reptiles
    Reptiles, written by Joyce Pope, Publisher: Dempsey Parr. Describes the physical characteristics and habits of lizards, snakes, crocodiles, turtles, and other reptiles.
  • Ripley's Believe It Or Not: The Remarkable ... Revealed
    The fourth title in this annual series is full of incredible bizarre facts, stories, interviews, and features, all proudly displayed in a stunning bright new design. New features include full-page articles that showcase a themed collection of amazing images with captions.
  • A Contract with the Earth
    wriiten by Newt Gingrich and Dr. Terry Maple

Friends and Family

Friends and Family of Lily Capehart


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